Zwift Winter-Spring League - Sign Up Guide

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Signing up to Zwift and Zwift Power can be daunting at first and there is some new lingo to familiarise yourself with.

But fear not - we have a step by step guide below and if you have any questions, we are on standby to help.

See you in Watopia!


Zwift Power is a third party website that collects and collates data from Zwift and enables a league table to be formed from event results.

Because Zwift and Zwift Power are separate entities, the sign up process requires some manual input and take approximately 10 minutes. 

We hope to give you a very clear guideline on the process below but if you are still unsure about anything, please feel free to contact our team at


You will need to Zwift account to take part in this series. 

If you have an account, please login here

If you do not have an account, sign up here. 

Zwift Power

You will also need a Zwift Power account - this is a 3rd party service used to record your result.

If you already have a Zwift Power account, please log in here and hit the person icon in the top right corner.

If you do not have an account, please register here


Connecting Zwift and Zwift Power 

You will need to be logged into both your Zwift and Zwift Power accounts to complete this process. 

To connect both services, you will need to use the following three websites. 

Zwift -

Zwift Power -

Zwift ID number -

If you prefer to watch how to complete the connection process, check out this video: Zwift sign up Video.mp4

  1. Opt-in to Zwift Power through your Zwift account. This will be done through the ‘Connections’ area on your Zwift account or follow this link

  2. Connect Zwift Power to Zwift

    • Find your Zwift ID here by entering your login information & Copy the number

    • Enter the Zwift ID number in the connect page on Zwift Power

    • You will be given a 4 digit code which you will add to your account details on Zwift in the next step

    • Add the code after your surname in edit profile, or select here

    • Connect your account on Zwift Power by going onto the Zwift Power connect page or select here

  3. You will now have connected your Zwift account to Zwift Power which will display the race results and Triathlon Ireland Autumn Zwift League

How to Enter a Race

All the Triathlon Ireland Zwift Winter-Spring League events are listed here. 

You should be able to enter each about a week before it's due to be staged via the Zwift app or the website.

We will also post an entry link to each race on this website every Monday.

Confirmation of Your Entry

There are two ways of confirming your entry to a race:

  1. By checking the Zwift Companion App in the Events tab.

  2. By checking the SignUps section of the race on ZwiftPower. (head to Events > then click on the race name . Click SignUps.

Note: ZwiftPower will generally not display the start list until the day of the race so if you require earlier confirmation use the Zwift Companion App.