Zwift TT League Round 2 Race 3


Due to demand, we've added a THIRD race to Round 2 of the Triathlon Ireland Zwift Time Trial League.

500 triathletes have signed up for the league, creating better competition for everybody in a bigger, more varied league.


Round 2 - Race 3 takes place on Saturday at 10:00am

The 2RR ITT Bologna is the exact same course as Round 2 Races 1&2 so everybody is compared across the same challenge.

The course is a short one at 8km but don't let that fool you - there's a savage hill in the final quarter that will punish anyone who goes out too hard!


League Registration

If you haven't already registered with us for the league that's ok - just make sure you do it before you race Round 2

First Time Racer?

First time racers will need to sign up for Zwift and Zwift Power: This process takes about 10mins but is very straightforward and is outlined precisely in this step by step form.

You can also watch the step by step process on this YouTube video we've created

- Before you race, make sure to change your PRIMARY Club on Zwift Power to Tri Ireland - without this we won't know to include you in our results.
Please leave your primary team set to Tri Ireland for two hours after the race so we can collect results. (You can change it back afterwards).
From this round onwards, riders who do not have their team set to Tri Ireland will not be included in the results.

- You must have a heart rate monitor and power data to be included in each week's results - this is a requirement of Zwift Power and ensures fair competition.

- You must at least have a Triathlon Ireland training licence to appear on the League Table.
- Be ready to go at least half an hour before the race. Enter any Zwift course and you will see a pop up asking you to join the race - click on this and you can then warm up on the starting grid.

- The race is pretty short - be well warmed up to give it a solid effort!

Round 2 Details

Round 2 is an exact Zwift replica of the real life Bologna TT course raced on stage 1 of last year's Giro d'Italia


With almost 500 people signed up, feedback is very important and will help us shape the league - this is a new endeavour for everyone and we've already received lots of great suggestions for future rounds.

We have a three question survey which will literally take a single minute to fill it out - please fill it in and let us know what you want from the rest of league!

Take the Survey