Do you know how much clothing and kit triathletes wear?

Triathlon Ireland's Official bike insurance partner, Bikmo, has been doing some research to highlight just how much money’s worth of kit a typical triathlete uses...

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For most triathletes, your bike is the next most valuable single item after your house and car. So it’s no surprise that many people insure it, so they can ride with peace-of-mind that they won’t be facing an expensive day should they hit some bad luck.

However, you might be surprised to find out that you might actually be wearing or carrying more value in clothing, kit and accessories than your bike.

Bikmo cycle insurance, Triathlon Ireland's official bike insurance provider, revealed in their Open Project 2019 stats, that 71.5% of all claims included clothing and accessories. This might not be too surprising, as it’s likely that if you come off you’ll do some damage to your kit. This is one reason why many people are now choosing insurance which not only covers their bike but also their kit, accessories, helmet and tri suit. 

To prove their point, Bikmo asked their ambassador triathlete, Claire Williams, to list her kit and its value (based on a middle distance race). This is what she came back with :

“When asked by Bikmo to compile a list of my triathlon kit and rough cost I thought it would be an easy task and don’t get me wrong, to a point it was, but what I didn’t realise was the little bits of equipment and accessories that you might not initially think of and the added total cost of everything you need all add up” she continued “Bikmo have a fantastic ‘Kit list’ option on their policies, which allows you to list all of your equipment so if the worst was to happen it is already there recorded, so handy!” 




Tri suit (€140)

Wetsuit (€260)

Goggles (€26)

Racebelt (€5)

Waterproof jacket (€85)


Cycle shoes (€60)

Cycle helmet (€80)

Nutrition box /bag on bike (€20)

Puncture repair kit (€20)

Cycling Sunglasses (€50)

Track pump (€30)

HR chest monitor (€55)

Bike box (traveling abroad) (€250) 

GPS bike computer (€150)

Hydration system - bike (€45)

Running Shoes (€120)

Running Cap (€20)

Running Socks (€5)

Calf compression (€30)

Sports watch (€270)






The Numbers

  • Items of kit & accessories: 20
  • Most expensive items: Wetsuit (€260) / Multi-sports watch : €270
  • Total value on person : €1721!

Bikmo’s thoughts

This was by no means a scientific experiment, but we think Claire is pretty representative of many competitive triathletes. She's carrying over €1,700 worth of clothing, kit & accessories with her and that excludes her actual bike! 

So, why don't you get your phone out and tot up your own clothing and kit values. You might be surprised.

Bikmo cycle insurance bit

The point we wanted to get across is that cycle insurance is about more than the bike. Bikmo cycle insurance is designed for triathletes too. Their policy protects your bike against theft and accidental damage, and also offers the following benefits as standard: 

  • A minimum of €250 or 10% of the total sum insured for clothing and helmets including tri suits;
  • Another €250 or 10% of the total sum insured towards kit and accessories such as lights, mudguards, GPS etc
  • Up to €500 or 10% of the total sum insured for bike boxes stolen or damaged at the same time as the insured bike
  • Event fees up to €500 if your event is cancelled or you can’t make it due to illness.
  • 90 days Worldwide cover for when you take your bike away with you.
  • Excess-free replacement option.

Plus, remember, as a Triathlon Ireland member - you benefit from exclusive savings on your policy.

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