Become a Technical Official!

Hannah Gibney_Technical Official

For the first time the Local Technical Official (LTO) Course will be available online! The course can be done in your own time, in easy to manage 15 minute modules. Becoming an LTO is the first rung on the Technical Official pathway, officiating at events at a national level.

being a technical official

As we learned during this week's interesting interview with Hugh McAtamney and Hannah Gibney (available on the TI Facebook Page), being a TO is an extremely rewarding way to give back to the sport! There are also opportunities to travel and to incorporate your TO duties with your hobby - racing!

TO Pic

the course

Facilitated by extremely experienced ITU Level three Technical Official Hugh McAtamney, there are 11 modules to complete. Once completed, there will be a webinar for participants to ask questions and complete the course content. After taking an open book online are can officiate at a Triathlon Ireland event! 



If you are interested in completing this free course, simply fill in the form here.