The Year in Review: Junior BMW Duathlon & Triathlon National Series

Junior group cycle photo

The 2019 BMW Junior Duathlon and Triathlon season saw an enormous amount of talent come through the finishing lines. With high levels of participation across the 16-17 and 18-19 age groups, we saw a season of close competition in both duathlon and triathlon. Thirty one athletes took part in the BMW Junior Duathlon season while 57 Junior athletes took part in the BMW Junior Triathlon season.

BMW Junior Duathlon National Series

A victory all round for Ennis Triathlon Club with two BMW Junior Duathlon National series winners! The BMW Junior Duathlon season consisted of seven races across the country. Junior athletes ranked in the series by completing two races as well as the Junior National Championships, which was hosted by Predator Triathlon Club and turned out to be a thrilling race.

Kulczynski takes Male Duathlon Title

Sabian Junior winners photo

Sabian Kulczynski rounded up the duathlon season as the Junior BMW Duathlon National Series winner for 2019. An impressive early 2019 season saw the Ennis Triathlon Club member win the series after completing three races. Kulczynski placed first at all of his races this season, and secured 1000 points from Predator Duathlon National Championships. The Ennis Triathlon club member placed first at Galco Naas Duathlon one and Galco Naas Duathlon three, which added to his final victory.

A margin of 128 points separated first and second place this season. Ben Carr of 247 Triathlon Club took second place behind Kulczynski. Carr and Kulczynski both met at Predator Junior Duathlon and Galco Naas Duathlon race three this season to battle for the title. 247 Triathlon Club member, Carr bagged his additional points from the Phoenix Park Duathlon which helped him finish in second place overall.


Age GroupPlacingFirst NameLast NameClub
16 - 171SabianKulczynski

Ennis TC

18 - 191BenCarr247 Triathlon Club

a victory season for DOherty

Ella Doherty 2019 season photo

Ella Doherty has made an impressive name for herself this season with an early crowning as the Junior BMW Duathlon National Series winner. Doherty won all three of her races this season, placing first at Predator Junior Duathlon National Championships, Galco Naas Duathlon one and Galco Naas Duathlon three. The Ennis Triathlon Club member was unstoppable in her races and finished off her season with 2400 points. 

Second place winner, Emma Boyle, started off her duathlon season with a win at Athy Triathlon Club Flat Out Duathlon. Securing 700 points, Boyle continued on this impressive streak, placing second place at Galco Naas Duathlon race three and Predator Junior Duathlon National Championships. The Predator Triathlon Club member finished just behind series winner Doherty in both races. 

Age group ranking

Age GroupPlacingFirst NameLast NameClub
16-171EllaDohertyEnnis TC
2EmmaBoylePredator Triathlon Club

Season round up: 2019 Junior BMW Triathlon National Series

Junior Triathlon NS

An exciting Junior BMW Triathlon season came to an end at Moby Dick Sprint Triathlon. The Junior BMW Triathlon National series consisted of 10 sprint distance races. Age group athletes between 16-17 and 18-19 battled it out and gained points by completing at least four races. 

Junior Woman's BMW Triathlon National Series

Loughrea Junior Triathlon

First place triathlon, second place duathlon

Emma Boyle of Predator triathlon club proved to have a very impressive season in 2019. At the start of 2019, Boyle placed second marginally behind winner Ella Doherty in the Junior BMW Duathlon national series. Taking this in her stride, Boyle raced through the Triathlon season finishing first and crowned Junior BMW National Series winner for 2019. Boyle placed fifth overall at Dublin City Triathlon, first in her 16-17 age group. This very impressive result added to her National Series ranking and proved to be enough for her to win the Junior BMW Triathlon National Series.

A close second for Amelia Taylor

A very intense and close season saw Amelia Taylor place second overall in the Junior BMW Triathlon National series. Taylor had an early season age group win at Two Provinces Triathlon where she also crossed 15th over the line. From there, both first place winner Boyle and Taylor went head to head at Dublin City Triathlon, Aon Loughrea Sprint Triathlon and Pulse Port beach. A season highlight performance at Aon Loughrea Triathlon saw Taylor on the podium in third place overall and first in her age group category. 

Third place for Eve Furlong

The third sport in the Junior BMW Triathlon National series was swooped upon by Eve Furlong. The Racing 795 Triathlon club member took third spot in the 2019 season as well as third place in her age group 16-17. Furlong raced up until the last race of the season at Moby Dick Triathlon and also placed first in her age group category at Bolands BMW Hook or by Crook.


Age GroupPositionFirst NameLast NameClub
16 - 171EmmaBoylePredator TC
3EveFurlongRacing 795 TC

Junior Men's Bmw Triathlon National series 

Aaron Doherty_Westport Finish Line

A season to remember for Doherty

The Junior Mens BMW Triathlon National series winner for 2019 is Aaron Doherty. Aaron made the move to triathlon this season, and what an impressive season it turned out to be! Showing strong bike and run form, Aaron stood on the podium at all four of his scoring races in the Junior BMW Triathlon National Series.

Aaron Doherty Junior NS winner

An impressive overall win at Two Provinces Triathlon, Lough Key Triathlon and Aon Loughrea Triathlon sealed the win for the Westport Triathlon Club member. I Tri Ennis made up the 4th series points where Aaron was second to his brother, Con. Nevertheless, Aaron finished on the podium in second place and added more points to top off his season. Aaron topped the series ahead of second place winner Sabian Kulczynski by 23.35 points. 

To top off Aaron's first full season in triathlon, he and also went on to win the BMW Triathlon National Series for 2019!

Kulczynski takes second spot

After a very successful duathlon season, Sabian Kulczynski battled to the end for second place in the Junior BMW Triathlon National series. The Ennis Triathlon club member started off his season with I Tri Ennis. Kulczynski raced to the end with a second place overall win at Pulse Port beach, and a final race of the season for him. This second place win secured an overall age group win for Kulczynski at the end of the season.

Third place win for Jack Kennedy

Jack Kennedy placed third in the Junior BMW Triathlon National series. Racing in five events, Jack took his points from Dublin City Triathlon, Pulse Port Beach, Aon Loughrea Triathlon and Lough Key Triathlon. Kennedy also raced early at Crooked lake, but made up greater points at other races throughout the season. Another battle to the end saw Kennedy 10th overall at Pulse Port Beach.


Age GroupRankingFirst NameLast NameClub
16 - 17
1SabianKulczynskiEnnis TC
3LukeBurkePredator TC
18 - 19
1AaronDohertyWestport TC
3JakeRushbyPeninsula TC