Why not try a bit of 'Plogging' on your next run?

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As triathletes we spend much of our time outside when running and cycling as part of training. There is one small way to make a difference to our environment that TI was alerted to recently - 'plogging'. If you pick up one small item of plastic each time you are out training and dispose of it, you can make a small change to your locality.

Thanks to Triathlon Ireland member Steven Moody for sending in the following report on 'plogging'. 

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As a triathlete training and racing in Ireland – I am lucky to witness first hand some of the stunning scenery and locales our country has to offer.

However the more miles I covered, and more places I visited, I found myself noticing how much litter was discarded carelessly and I wanted to do something about it. So, I personally started picking up/binning some litter every time I am out and thought what would happen if everyone did the same - as surely there are more civic minded people who want a clean country than there are litter bugs?

It was then I heard about plogging from a friend of mine. Plogging is a concept started in Sweden where a person picks up and bins a piece of plastic each time they are outdoors.

Essentially I am trying to encourage runners/walkers/joggers/dog walkers to plog as part of their daily/weekly outdoor routines. What better community to approach than the most outdoors orientated, environmentally friendly and (let's face it) obsessive compulsive of them all? Yes, that is us triathletes!

In fact, if 250 people picked up one plastic bottle/aluminium can a day – that would equate to over 90,000 fewer unsightly pieces of rubbish in our triathlon playground.

It is literally as simple as in your cool down of a long, short, medium, brick run, or whatever session you are doing - if you see a piece of litter (trust me you will), the ask is to bend down (hamstring stretch) or lunge (get those glutes firing), pick it up and bin it.

Not only will you have done your community a good deed – it has been scientifically* proven that regular plogging guarantees a PB filled season.

You can also feel free to join the Plogging Ireland Facebook Page where the close to 300 members post up pictures of plogging, favourite running spots and general encouragement.

Steven Moody – an unashamed plogger

* Disclaimer – no scientists were involved in this claim but the feel good factor is true