Triathlon Ireland Safeguarding Statement

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Safeguarding Statement published on TI Website

As per the recent Children First Update, the Triathlon Ireland Safeguarding Statement has been posted to the TI Website.

All remaining provisions of the ROI Children First Act 2015 commenced on the 11th December 2017. There is now a statutory obligation for an organisation that is providing a relevant service to children to undertake a Safeguarding Risk Assessment and display a Safeguarding Statement. This is applicable to Triathlon Ireland as an organisation and all of our affiliated junior clubs.

All triathlon clubs are required to sign off the Safeguarding Risk Assessment document, sign off the Safeguarding Statement and display the Safeguarding Statement by the 11th March 2018.

All Triathlon Ireland affiliated triathlon clubs with junior sections must comply with this legislation. You can read what is required in the update published here.

The Triathlon Ireland Safeguarding Statement can be read here.