Tri Heroes is Back!

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Tri Heroes Kids' Triathlon Programme

Triathlon Ireland's schools' based triathlon programme Tri Heroes is back for another school year - bringing triathlon to kids and teenagers right across the country.

Last year we helped more than 1,500 kids and teenagers swim, cycle and run in a safe and fun environment.

This year's Tri Heroes promises to be even bigger and more fun than ever.

Sign Up

Teachers and parents can sign their classes and kids up for Tri Heroes by contacting us by email.

Once your application has been made, Triathlon Ireland will be in touch with specific arrangements to bring Tri Heroes to your school.

About Tri Heroes

Tri-Heroes helps teachers introduce and deliver triathlon activities to pupils whilst supporting the needs of the school to deliver the necessary Physical Education progression for all pupils.

The programme brings together the lifelong activities of swimming, cycling and running to inspire, motivate and challenge children. TriHeroes is fun, varied, challenging and suitable for all pupils whether as part of the curriculum or after school activity.

At the end of the course (which is normally run over four 60min sessions), each student gets the chance to take part in a mini-triathlon, giving them a sense of accomplishment and allowing them participate in a safe and positive environment.

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Get in Touch

We want to hear from you - if you have any questions about Tri Heroes, drop us an email to 

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