Legislation Update: Children First Act 2015

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Statutory Obligations relating to Safeguarding - deadline approaching

Attention all Triathlon Ireland affiliated triathlon clubs, please read the following carefully to ensure you comply.

There is now a statutory obligation for an organisation that is providing a relevant service to undertake a Safeguarding Risk Assessment and display a Safeguarding Statement.  This is applicable to Triathlon Ireland as an organisation and all of our affiliated clubs. All remaining provisions of the ROI Children First Act 2015 commenced on the 11th December 2017. 

Sport Ireland have provided templates which have been emailed to all club chairpersons, secretaries and children's officers; pre-populated to refer to Triathlon Ireland policies. Please read the following steps carefully as all are relevant for compliance. Triathlon Ireland will be offering assistance to clubs, where necessary, to complete this documentation.

All triathlon clubs are required to sign off the Safeguarding Risk Assessment document, sign off the Safeguarding Statement and display the Safeguarding Statement by the 1st March 2018. 


  • If your club does not have a junior section but is planning to start one you should also complete this documentation.
  • If you do not have any members under 18 and do not intend to set up a junior section this year, no action is needed.
  • If your club is based in Northern Ireland you are still required to comply.


The Risk Assessment has been pre-populated for you to review at your club meeting.

Each risk identified has been ranked and any supporting policies and guidance indicated.

You may wish to include other risks of potential harm that are specific for you or some risks listed may not be applicable to you.

After you review your Risk Assessment, minute it at your meeting and get your Chairperson and Children’s Officer to sign and date it.


When step one is completed review your Child Safeguarding Statement, complete the blank sections and sign and date the document.


As per Section 11 of the Children First Act 2015, you are required to display your Child Safeguarding Statement in a prominent place in your club (notice board, public area etc).

We suggest that you also distribute your signed Child Safeguarding Statement to all members by mail/email/web or social media on an annual basis.

If you do not have a premises or website/social media page to display and distribute your Child Safeguarding Statement, you should display it at your events/sessions as a temporary sign or poster.


Scan and email your Safeguard Statement to niamh@triathlonireland.com by the 1st of March with a link to where it is displayed on your club website/social media.

TI also requests that you send an excel document listing those in your club who are coaching with the headings in the excel document attached.

Please supply an address for the Club Childrens Officer as TI will supply Club Children's Officers with a hard copy of the Children First Guidance.

If you require assistance, please contact Niamh O’ Gorman in Triathlon Ireland to arrange a call. Email: niamh@triathlonireland.com

Link to Current Policies.

Link to Contacts and Legislation.

Link to Safeguarding Section of the TI Website. 

Link to Role of Club Children’s Officer and Designated Liaison Person. (In smaller clubs CCO and DLP can be the same person.)