ITU Rules Update for 2018

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2018 Rules Update

If you are racing in any Triathlon Ireland (TI) sanctioned events in 2018, please read this post carefully in relation to this year's ITU rules and how they apply if you are racing in a TI sanctioned event.

ITU Rules update for 2018

  • The ITU Competition Rules for 2018 can be found here.
  • For a summary of the changes within the 2018 ITU rules, see here.

changes for TI Sanctioned races

The Derogation Booklet outlines TI specific rules. Full details of these rules can be found in the Derogation Booklet here. There are however some important changes to note for race organisers, super series athletes and all competitors.

Race organisers

One of the most important changes this year relates to race numbers.

Race organisers are required to supply a minimum of two race numbers to all competitors. One number is to be secured to the competitor’s front for manual timing backup and the second number secured to the competitor’s bike for both security and identification on bike course.

super series athletes

All Super Series athletes must be in attendance for a separate race briefing at before each event.

All athletes competing in the Super Series will receive a separate race briefing one hour before the start of their event.

  • Failure to attend the briefing without notifying a technical official; will result in that competitor being disqualified and removed from the start line. 
  • If competitor is late or had advised they will not be at briefing, they will receive a delayed start, according to the time penalty applicable to the specific distance. 
  1. Sprint Distance Delayed Start Penalty – 10 seconds
  2. Standard Distance Delayed Start Penalty – 15 seconds

all competitors - change to drafting penalties

Please note that there is no longer any exception to the timing penalties relating to drafting. All penalties match the ITU rules.

If you have any questions about this update please email