17 Triathlon Ireland Coaches Complete ITU Level 2

ITU Level 2_Dublin Group Pic

Over the last couple of months, 17 coaches have been taking part in the new ITU Level 2 Coaching course which is being piloted by Triathlon Ireland. The final day of the course took place on Saturday, 1 December at the National Sports Campus. 

Completing the Level 2 course gives coaches the opportunity to develop their skills in the areas of individualised programmes, group sessions and athlete development. The course curriculum includes:

  • Developing and delivering more advanced triathlon coaching practices, including individualised support;
  • Effective planning, delivery and evaluation of a series of triathlon coaching sessions or a programme for a group or an individual;
  • Understanding the processes and principles of coaching triathlon activities to groups of children and/or adults through the application of training science;
  • Focusses on producing a competent club coach who can promote the benefits of participating in triathlon, and appropriate skill acquisition through quality coaching of participants from grass roots level upwards.

As ITU Facilitator Tony Jolly explains, a Level 2 coach looks at the athlete on a more individual level;

"Level 2 would be starting to look at people a little more holistically and starting to think about other issues like how they are managing... if it's kids, how would you manage their school life, their social life along with their sporting life. If it's an adult athlete, it's work and family." 

"They would starting to plan things for people a bit more whereas with Level 1 coaches it is a little bit more about session coaching..."

ITU Level 2 Training

Tony Jolly and fellow ITU Facilitator Emma Brunning were on hand to support the TI Coach Developers in the roll out of the Level 2. Although it was a coaching course, the TI Coach Developers also received training as part of the programme to ensure that Triathlon Ireland are able to run the Level 2 course unassisted in the future.

Triathlon Ireland's Head of Education, Niamh O'Gorman, outlines the importance of the Level 2 course to coach development nationally;

"We were delighted to be given the opportunity to pilot the ITU Level 2 course as part of the Coach Education Partnership Programme, which allowed us to contribute to the development of the programme. This means that, going forward, TI Level 1 and Level 2 courses will be fully assimilated to the ITU qualification. We have a dedicated group of TI Coach Developers who received amazing support from the ITU facilitators in running the course and we have a really strong group of Level 2 coaches who will be fully qualified early in 2019."

Participants on the coaching course had previously completed their Level 1 coaching course, with many taking part in the Level 2 to upskill. Olivia McCartin of Athlone Triathlon Club began her coaching journey two years ago with the Tri-Leader course and is involved in coaching the club's junior members. Olivia found the five day programme hugely beneficial;

"I definitely think the practical element was fantastic, the bike, the run and the pool session. Picking up coaching tips from the other participants on the course as well was very good. I suppose you grow in confidence and that's the main thing as a coach, you're always growing and there's never enough to learn and I guess that's what I've gotten most from this (course)."

ITU Level 2 Bike

Further information

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