Eoin Lyons Ironman 70.3 World Champs Report

Over the weekend, Eoin Lyons finished a fantastic 16th in his Age Group at the Ironman 70.3 world championships in Mooloolaba, Australia. We asked Eoin to tell us about the experience and his future plans for middle distance racing.

Eoin Lyons Sligo SS

I qualified in Dublin 70.3 2015 with a second place age group finish to book my place with serval other Irish Ironman fanactics, all doing exceptionally well in tough conditions on race day. Qualification for this event and a surprise 3rd place super series result in 2015 gave me the push to take my training more serious.

The race

Ironman put on a spectacular event from Wednesday to Sunday. Say what you will about Ironman and prices but they know how to run a race. The swim was in 20.5 degree water with a bit of surf. It was fast and furious with the best in the world looking for a good clean start. I got on good feet but lost them as we caught up to the wave that started ahead of us and things got messy. I exited the water happy with 24 minutes on the clock.

Transition was long. Over a one km from swim exit to bike out. I got through smoothly but it's a long T1 when you're hoping for a Pb overall (5min).

IM Mooloolaba


Eventually onto the bike and I knew I had a lot more in the tank than what I had produced in Dublin 70.3 this year. The first part of the bike was fast. I was through 40km in 56min. The second half was cruel and put you back in your box. An 18% climb and rolling drags with hairy descents made up the remaining 50km. Its a hard course and if you push over your limit on the first section you were really going to suffer and many did. To say I was happy to see the run is an understatement. Bike time 2hrs 20min. Another just under a km transition and out on the run.

Eoin Lyons IM Mooloolaba

The Run

The challenge here was four gruelling climbs and the heat over a 2 lap run course. I went through 10km in 37 minutes and 16km in 60 minutes. I felt good from the off and was even passing a few pro's that were into their second lap. At 16km the heat just got me, I had taken on a lot of nutrition but I was cooking and my legs felt it, I was starting to wobble and then decide to try push on and go deeper. I felt I needed to know I had gone to empty. My 20th km was close to 5 minutes taking in the last hill. After running 3:40-3:50's for almost 70 minutes you can imagine the pain of what felt like a flat out km and looking down to see 5min. I ran well and produced a decent time of 1:21.

Future Goals Defined

I finished 16th with a time of 4:14. I have three years in this category and I have my slot for the 2017 world Champs in the bag. My goal is now defined. I want a single figure finish next year and then a podium the following year breaking the 4 hour mark. With my coach Martin Kirwan from Focus on Fitness and the high quality racing I get with all the lads in the super series I know it's an achievable goal for me. McCrystal and Callaghan are leading the way now with Brian doing a great job this year at Ironman racing and Aidan putting a great race together for his win in Kenmare.

I want to be at that level, shoulder to shoulder and hopefully we can all improve and showcase what Ireland has to offer on the middle/long distance scene as the younger super series lads are doing over sprint and olympic distances. I'll keep working hard to be in the mix on race day.

The whole experience was top notch and comes recommended, you have to race the best to find out what you have to do. We had some great Irish results from the nicest bunch of people who all got together for the parade of nations and after party.

Onwards and upwards as the nation is continuing its improvement over Swim.Bike.Run and taking on the world.