Draft Legal Tips


Draft legal racing is becoming more and more popular in Age Group triathlon and makes its debut at the Duathlon National Championships at Mondello Race Circuit this weekend.

Philip Ellis of Cycle SuperStore - the official triathlon store of Triathlon Ireland has these tips for draft legal racing:

  • Go hard from the gun. This is a draft legal race so making the front pack on the bike is vital if you want to be competitive. It's worth it to go that bit harder on the first run leg to stay in contact with the leaders - you can always get some recovery when in the pack on the bike.
  • Transitions are crucial: For the same reasons that the first run leg is more important in draft legal racing, transitions are also vital. Having a quick T1 can mean making or missing the bike pack so be organised and be well rehearsed advance.
  • Inflate those tires: The surface of Mondello is much smoother than the average Irish road which means you can afford to inflate tires that bit extra to minimise rolling resistance and go faster!
  • Look around: riding in a pack is a lot different to riding a race solo. Be vocal, be aware of who's on your wheel and what the rider in front of you is experiencing.
  • Make sure your machine is working perfectly: mechanical failures are often avoidable. Check your bike before you race and for any last minute equipment the Cycle SuperStore is open till 6pm this evening and from 10am on the morning of the race.