Aquabike - Another Type of Multisport Racing

Aquabike is the latest addition to the family of multi-sport events and involves swimming and biking.

As well as being a sport in its own right, aquabiking can be a great activity for triathletes who are carrying a run injury or those who find they are not able to run quite as often as they used to.

Following her recent win at the Blessington Aquabike race, Laura Wylie gave her thoughts on the sport.

Laura Wylie Aquabike

How did you find your first Aquabike event?
I’ll admit that doing my first Aquabike felt odd – I’m used to racking my bike and then going for a run, but heading to the finish line is always a great feeling (especially if it’s earlier than anticipated!).

What brought me to Aquabike?
I have had an injury that has kept me from running since the start of the year. With Tri season in full swing, I found it tough missing out on the action. I had competed in a few cycle road races, but the Aquabike was able to bring two sections of a Tri together. Bike racing was great, but there is something about multisport that is more exciting!

How do I feel it works as a concept?
It definitely has the opportunity to grow. There aren’t any extra logistical aspects that race organisers need to consider, as they will already be running a Tri alongside it, so it should be readily achievable to undertake. I understand that Aquabiking is a lot bigger in continental Europe, so it’s great to see it starting to make an impact here.
It’s a bit like a Duathlon, but it favours the swimmers! Takes out the running aspect for those of us who cant run or wont run!

How did I feel about the distances?
In Blessington, the Standard Distance Triathlon started at the same time as the Aquabike and it ran like clockwork. The race director was very clear in what was going to happen and how both events would work side by side.
I thought the distances worked well, but there could even be the option to mix and match some Aquabike events. For example, an event could have a 750m swim with a 40km bike, or a 1500m swim with a 20km bike. This would make things interesting!

Who do you think Aquabiking will appeal to?
Aquabike events would certainly appeal to those who aren’t able to, or don’t want to run. If someone is injured and is unable to run, but they can complete the other disciplines without any issues, then Aquabike is the event for them. The multisport element is still maintained, giving that real sense of excitement that anything can happen.

Do an Aquabike

The next Aquabike event takes place alongside The Moby Dick Triathlon on July 10th.

There will also be an Aquabike event alongside at the Two Provinces Triathlon in Lanesborough on July 16th.

To find an aquabike event head to the race calendar section of our website and filter by "Event Type"