Young Social Innovators

Young Social Inovators

At present there are sixty five students in Transition Year, all of whom are taking part in the Young Social Innovators programme. This is a nationwide competition that challenges young people to identify an area of social concern, research it and attempt to solve it.

A group of six students have decided that they want to look at the issue of physical activity and the positive benefits it has on our emotional wellbeing. They wish to organise a sprint triathlon, or ‘try a tri’, comprising 10 x 25m swim, a 10km cycle and a 3 km run. In preparation, over an eight week period, students will have opportunity to practise all disciplines involved.

It is envisaged that all participants will complete a questionnaire before commencement and after completion, examining attitudes to areas such as study, exam stress, concentration levels, sleeping patterns, confidence and self-esteem. In addition, a physical test in the form of a 12 minute cooper test and swim specific test will be performed to determine entry levels of fitness.

The benefits will be multiple– physical fitness, wellbeing, character building and attaining a sense of achievement and inclusion, to name but a few.

The target group for this project will be fourth and fifth year Leaving Certificate students, with approximately 20 -30 taking part. The project submission date is early March, so we will endeavour to complete it by mid-February in order to facilitate data analysis.

Triathlon Ireland are delighted to be part of this programme and look forward to supporting the group along their journey.

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