Emerging Talent Programme

ETP Mixed Relay Team

Supporting the Next Generation of Athletes

Triathlon Ireland’s Emerging Talent Programme (ETP) is dedicated to fostering the next generation of homegrown elite Irish triathletes through training and education in aspiring teenage athletes.

In line with Triathlon Ireland’s Talent Development Pathway, the aim for Triathlon Ireland is to progress athletes, who are successful in their application onto the ETP, along the pathway from the ETP to the Talent Development Squad and ultimately onto a National Performance Squad with the aim of representing Ireland at an elite level.

While the above is indicative of an ideal scenario, Triathlon Ireland recognises that for numerous reasons, an athlete’s development is not always consistently linear and, as such, flexibility in progress between stages is expected and will be considered at the discretion of the ETP team, High-Performance team and Regional Development Officers.


The goals of the Emerging Talent Programme are:

  • To identify teenage athletes, existing and new, who are displaying potential to compete in triathlon at an elite level in future years
  • To provide training opportunities to develop an athlete’s skill set in their pursuit of performance improvements.
  • To educate athletes of the importance of a holistic approach to training encompassing nutrition, recovery, social, etc. in order to fulfil their athletic potential
  • To support and guide athletes in their development into independent learners and problem solvers as they grow into a well-rounded athlete.
  • Facilitate athletes in building their support team.
  • Work alongside the athlete and their support team to ensure a harmonious approach to the long term development of the athlete.

Youth and Junior Pathway

Selection Criteria

Athletes aged 13-18 by December 31st in the year of application are eligible for selection to the ETP provided they meet the selection standards outlined below. Selection is at the discretion of the ETP team and High-Performance team and an athlete who achieves the standards set out below are not guaranteed a place on the ETP. Athlete age and training experience will be taken into account if an athlete is marginally outside of qualification times. 

Methods of selection: 

  1. Invitation to squad training day based on race performances

    1. Including but not limited to finishing within 5%(Male) / 8%(Female) of winner in a BMW Triathlon National Series Sprint race in the last 12 months (depending on the quality of field factor - further evidence of swim or run times may be requested).

  2. Invitation to squad training day based on RDO recommendation

  3. Invitation to squad training day based on proof of meeting selection criteria

  4. Selection to ETP squad based on meeting selection criteria at talent ID day(s)

N.B. An athlete being invited to a squad training day does not automatically guarantee the athlete selection to the ETP squad and is only a means of performance opportunity for the athlete.


ETP Entry Selection Criteria Protocol

Swim Protocol: 200m time trial (U15s) or 400m time trial, 25m pool (no tumble turns).

Run Protocol: 1500m race/TT (U15s) or 3000m race/TT or 5000m equivalent time

ETP Entry Selection Criteria


Female Swim 200m (1oom split)

Female Run 1500m (1k split)

Male Swim 200m (1oom split)

Male Run 1500m (1k split)


3:15 (1:37)

6:30 (4:20)

2:42 (1:21)

5:28 (3:39)

14 - 15

3:11 (1:35)

6:15 (4:10)

2:37 (1:18)

5:20 (3:33)


Female Swim 400m (1oom split)

Female Run 3000m (1k split)

Male Swim 400m (1oom split)

Male Run 3000m (1k split)

15 - 16

5:29 (1:22)

10:36 (3:32)

5:16 (1:19)

9:20 (3:07)

16 - 17

5:25 (1:21)

10:29 (3:30)

5:10 (1:18)

9:12 (3:04)


5:21 (1:20)

10:12 (3:24)

5:04 (1:16)

9:04 (3:01)

Ella Doherty_WeertETU2019_bike

ETP Squad Progression

Athletes and the ETP should always be progressing in their level of performance. Coaches, athletes and parents will engage with each other at the start of, and throughout, each season to set out clear goals for continuation through the programme to ensure the athlete’s support team are all working towards the same outcomes and most importantly towards the athlete’s overall development. 

As places on the ETP are limited, athletes are required to show progress through national competitions and/or ID Days. Selection in a given season does not guarantee an athlete a place in the ETP for the following season and athletes may be required to continue their development outside of the ETP if satisfactory progress is not achieved, if required standards are not met or if an athlete behaves in a negative manner towards the ethos of Triathlon Ireland. However, Triathlon Ireland recognises that for numerous reasons, an athlete’s development is not always consistently linear and, as such, flexibility in progress between stages is expected and will be considered at the discretion of the ETP and High-Performance teams who will work closely with athletes to aid them in achieving their goals and progressional standards.

ETP Benefits

Some of the benefits which may be offered to athletes selected onto ETP Squad include;

  • Guidance to suitable club and Triathlon Ireland qualified coach for training which will be overseen by Regional Development Officers and ETP Lead Coach.
  • Training sessions with athletes of similar standards including performance testing and draft-racing training in preparation for international competitions.
  • Education sessions in nutrition theory, cooking, strength & conditioning, recovery and life skills (time management, training/social balance, etc.).
  • Invitation to train with National Development Squad athletes.
  • Invitation to domestic training camp.
  • Invitation to overseas warm weather training camp.
  • Invitation to compete at an overseas competition.

The Next Step: Progression from the ETP

Minimum Criteria for Entry to Junior Continental Cup



Event Category

Swim 400m

Run 3000m

Swim 400m

Run 3000m







Minimum Criteria for Entry to Senior Continental Cup



Event Category

Swim 400m

Run 300m

Swim 400m

Run 3000m






Minimum criteria for entry to World Cup: Performance based; top 15 in Senior Continental Cup subject to quality of field review by High-Performance Team.

How to Apply

Athletes can apply for selection to the ETP based on the methods set out in “Selection Criteria” above via email to kit@triathlonireland.com. If you have any questions please contact kit@triathlonireland.com.