Triathlon Ireland FAQs

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How do I become a Triathlon Ireland Licence holder?

To become a Licence Holder of Triathlon Ireland please follow the link below.

At the end of the page you will see the field to put in your date of birth, once entered you then need to fill in all your details and choose the type of Licence that you require. 

I am having trouble logging into my account as I can’t remember my password.

Please click on the forgot password link and follow the steps

 club Volunteer
(Junior Helper Role Only)

Suitable for those who wish to support clubs through volunteering but have no additional role within the club (e.g. not coaching, technical official, motorbike official or committee member). Facilitates non-active licence holders who will not be training or racing with the club. 

NOTE: Individual's holding a "Club Volunteer" Licence type will not be covered under Triathlon Ireland insurance for training and/or racing. Club Volunteers will need to undergo the Vetting/Access NI procedure through Triathlon Ireland. 


I want to renew or upgrade my licence and I can’t see where.

To renew or upgrade your Licence you will need to login to your account Licence Holder login area and once you are signed in you can select "Membership" then "Upgrade" from the list of options on the left-hand side of the web page.

Once you fill in all the information and choose the type of licence you require you will then be brought to the payment section. Once your licence renewal is paid, you can sign up for races and you should receive your card in the post within 5 working days.

How do I purchase a ODM?

To purchase a ODM you would need to be a registered site user of Triathlon Ireland. Click on the link below and follow and choose the licence type “site user” - This is a free account. 

Once you are registered as a licence holder click onto the race calendar and scroll through the calendar to find your race. You will see the option to enter the race and or buy the ODM for that race. If you register for an event via the Triathlon Ireland website you will automatically be to prompted to purchase a ODM for that race. If you register for an event via a third party site you will need to purchase your ODM separately by clicking the "Buy ODM" button beside your event.

Your ODM will be available to download from your licence account under "my race registrations" or "View my One Day Membership Purchases". Please bring this with you on the day of the event.

I am new to Triathlon can you tell me some information?

Below is a starter’s guide to Triathlon’s:

There are races called Try a Tri/Super Sprint where you can try out triathlons by doing a 250m Swim/ 6km Bike / 3k run to get you started. 

Details of TI sanctioned races can be found on the link below that will give you the upcoming events. You can also sign up for races through our website.

The link below will help you to find a club near you that you might like to join. Clubs are really good when it comes to helping you train for Triathlon’s as they would have training sessions in the three aspects of Triathlon.  

In order to race at the events you would need to become a licence holder of TI and there are different licence types to suit each individual. I have added the link below to show you the different licence options.

You can also buy a One Day Membership (ODM) for an event you would need to become a site user of TI to purchase the ODM, however this would only cover you on the day and would give you no cover for training or joining a club.

Please see below for a beginners training plan.

Are disk brakes allowed in triathlon? 


For a standard TI sanctioned non-drafting race they should be ok, however for a draft legal race and elite race or an age group race abroad they would not be ok. 

Please see rules below for wheels from the International Triathlon Union. I have also attached a link here to the competition rules. Please be aware the rules are different for Paratriathlon. 


(i) No wheel may contain any mechanisms, which are capable of accelerating it; 

(ii) Tubular tyres must be well glued, the levers of the quick releases must be closed tightly onto the hubs and wheels must be fixed properly onto the frame;

(iii) There must be a brake on each wheel; 

(iv) Wheels can be replaced only at official Wheel Stations, where provided; 

(v) Officials at the Wheel Station will give the proper wheel to the athlete. The athlete is responsible for replacing the wheel in the forks. Wheels designated specifically for other athletes or teams cannot be used; 

(vi) For Elite, U23, Junior and Youth draft-legal competitions, wheels must have the following characteristics:

  • A diameter between 70 cm maximum and 55 cm minimum, including the tyre;
  • Both wheels must be of equal diameter;
  • Wheels shall have at least 16 metal spokes; International Triathlon Union Ÿ ITU Competition Rules Ÿ 17-12-2014 29
  • Spokes can be round, flattened or oval, provided their width does not exceed 2.4 mm;
  • The maximum rim dimension will be 25 mm. on each side;
  • Wheels not complying with the requirements above are allowed to be used if they are included in the UCI non-standard wheels list. 

(vii) For Age Group draft-legal competitions, wheels must have the following characteristics:

 · Wheels shall have at least 12spokes;

  • Disc wheels are not allowed. 

(viii) For draft-illegal, competitions, covers are allowed on the rear wheel. However, this provision may be changed by the Technical Delegate in the interest of safety, i.e. high-winds.

If I have a Triathlon Ireland race licence am I covered to train with my cycling club or take part in Cycling Ireland races?

With a TI race licence you are covered 3rd party and some personal cover when training on your own.

This means that you would be covered to train on your own, however you would not be covered at Cycling Ireland events, and our race licence only covers you to race at Triathlon Ireland Sanctioned events and to train on your own or with a Triathlon Ireland Club.

How do I affiliate my club with Triathlon Ireland?

Affiliating to Triathlon Ireland is nice and easy.  The only requirements to affiliate to TI is that

  • Your triathlon club is not for profit and must be separate and distinct from other business/organisations.
  • Your club holds training sessions in swim, bike and run on a weekly basis
  • You will need a club website.  The club website must:-
  • Your club members will need to be licence of Triathlon Ireland.
    • list the dates/times of weekly training sessions and be open to all licence holders to attend
    • have a clear process for application for membership of your club (online or paper applications are acceptable) and show the membership fee

Once your club meets the above, you just need to complete the online affiliation form along with your €50 club affiliation fee. 

Can I join two clubs?

Yes. When purchasing your licence you can select your Primary Club at the same time, this is your main club who any club points will be awarded to. Once joined you can select "Membership" and "Join a club" and select your second club, this will often be your training club.

What are the benefits that TI offer as part of the Licence?


  1. Insurance Cover - Third party and personal accident cover while racing in a sanctioned event, training with an affiliated club or training on your own.
  2. Annual Race Licence - Avoid the need to purchase one day membership for each event.
  3. Race Series Eligibility - Compete in any of the Triathlon Ireland Race Series.
  4. ITU/ETU Age Group Representation - Race in the green of Ireland as an Age Group athlete.
  5. €20 Voucher for Cycle Superstore (Race, Student Race & Joint Licences Only)
  6. Licence Holder Discounts - Generous discounts available on a variety of products and services

Please see below for the types of licences.

Please see below for the insurance cover

I am trying to join my club but it is not listed on your website.

You may not be able to join the Triathlon Club as they may not have affiliated with Triathlon Ireland yet. Once the club affiliates with Triathlon Ireland they will then be listed on our website. If you contact the club they will be able to tell you when they will be listed on our website.

When is my Triathlon Ireland Licence valid?

Our licence holder year is from October until the following December of the next year. (October 2019 – December 2020). If you purchase your licence in October, November, December then it will be valid until December of the following year.

If you purchase your licence in January or any month after, your Triathlon Ireland licence is valid until December of that same year regardless of the month in which you purchased it. (January 2019-December 2019). 

LOST MY Triathlon Ireland Licence CARD.

Your Triathlon Ireland licence card is essential to produce at Triathlon Ireland events for registration, without which you will not be allowed to compete. In the event you have lost your card you can mark it for reissue by selecting "Membership Card" under the "Membership" tab on the left-hand side of the page. If you have an event before your new card arrives you can download a "temporary membership card" from your account. This temporary membership card will be valid for 7 days from the date of download and can be used as proof of TI membership at registration. Should your new card fail to arrive before the temporary card expires you can download a new temporary card to cover you until your permanent card arrives.

WHEre IS MY Triathlon Ireland Licence  VALID?

A Triathlon Ireland Licence can be used abroad, as long as the event is sanctioning by the governing body and that governing body is affiliated to the ITU. This applies to anyone wishing to race in Ireland that holds a race licence for the governing body. Eg British athletes who hold a British Triathlon racing licence are fully covered to race in all Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events without having to purchase an ODM.


If an event is using the Triathlon Ireland entry system and have advised they will accept transfers please contact Triathlon Ireland. In no circumstances can you transfer your entry to another athlete without approval from Triathlon Ireland or the race organiser. You can not transfer your insurance, Race licence or One Day Membership to another competitor. 

Can my triathlon Ireland annual licence be refunded?

Within 14 days of purchase, a licence may be refunded provided the licence has not been used i.e., taken part in a training activity, entered and/or completed an event. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances to be approved by and supporting proof may be required. General injury as a result of triathlon training is not considered an exceptional circumstance. Refunds, if approved, will incur an administrative fee of 5%, which will be deducted before fees are refunded. An Annual Licence is non-refundable after 14 days of purchase.


For events taking race entries through the Triathlon Ireland website, the Triathlon Ireland One Day Membership refund policy mirrors the same refund policy as directed by the race organiser at race request (available on our Race Calendar by selecting the "+" sign beside your event). For events not taking race entries through the Triathlon Ireland website, within 14 days of purchase, one day membership may be refunded provided the licence has not been used i.e., event lapsed, completed an event. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances to be approved by and supporting proof may be required. General injury as a result of triathlon training is not considered an exceptional circumstance. Refunds, if approved, will incur an administrative fee of 5%, which will be deducted before fees are refunded. One Day Memberships are non-refundable after 14 days of purchase.

Exceptional circumstances include race cancellation.