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Triathlon clubs are located nationwide and offer support for athletes of all abilities.

Benefits of Club Membership

Not only will you receive cheaper Triathlon Ireland Licence fees, you will also have scheduled group training sessions with qualified coaches and the use of club facilities, as well as the ability to learn from other triathletes and train with those of a similar ability.

Access to Quality Coaching

As a member of a triathlon club you can take part in multiple weekly training sessions with experienced and often renowned coaches within the sport. All three disciplines will be covered in these sessions, with added sessions such as Pilates, strength training and turbo sessions taking place depending on the time of the year.
Triathlon clubs also host informational seminars, clinics and camps. Seminars and clinics can be extremely helpful when starting your triathlon journey and a great way to improve things like swim technique and a forum to ask questions.

Increase Motivation to Train

Training in a group provides an extra motivation to turn up on days when you might not train if you were to do it by yourself. Group sessions with your triathlon club can be motivational and fun. There is always someone at the same level and a group at your level to train with. Taking up a new sport can be daunting but you can be positive that there will be someone else new to the sport at the training sessions also.

In a club environment you are likely to increase both the regularity and level of your activity because you feel that little bit more committed. Most clubs these days have thriving social media pages to keep you informed on upcoming sessions.

Learn from others

When you have questions about triathlon equipment such as bikes, tri-suits, races, nutrition or how to change your bike tyre, there's always someone in a tri club who can help. There's a lot to learn when it comes to triathlon, and the best way to get up to speed is to surround yourself with more experienced athletes. You may get a few quick pointers the next time you are in the pool or on the road!

Improving Skills

One of the best things about joining a club is all the training opportunities you’ll have to improve your skills. Even in an informal way, you’ll be gaining knowledge from the experienced club members to learn more about triathlon. Add to this some of the formal coaching sessions clubs may provide and you’ll be able to make huge progress with your techniques.

Club Gear

Being able to identify other athletes from your club while racing adds to the camaraderie of the sport. Getting an encouraging cheer from others while racing is a great ‘pick me up’ during a race.

Enjoy the Social Aspect of the Sport

Possibly the highlight of any tri club year are the various get-togethers where members gather to celebrate their involvement in the club. There are many events throughout the year, and indeed weekly at training sessions! Taking part in the Team Relay Club Championship, your own club’s annual club championship, and club trips away are just some social highlights.

You can find your local triathlon club in the list of 2019 Triathlon Ireland affiliated clubs below.
NOTE: Clubs with 'Jr.' below the club name have a junior section as well as an adult section.