Safeguarding for Coaches

3 Safeguarding steps for ti coaches TRI LEADERS AND JUNIOR ASSISTANTS

These steps apply to anyone who will be coaching, supervising, assisting with juniors in any capacity on a regular and continuous basis.

1, Coaches /Leaders Code of Conduct 

This a document you complete annually and post to TI. 
Please select the correct document below

Have you been a member of a TI club for 6 months or more?
Yes:     Fill out a Form 10 Existing Leader Form annually.
No:       Fill out a Form 8 New Leader Form annually. 

If your status changes and you join a club, switch to the Form 10 after 6 months of club membership when your code of conduct is up for renewal.

2. Garda Vetting/access ni  (renew every 3 years)

It is mandatory for persons working with children or vulnerable adults to be vetted by the appropriate body prior to beginning their role with children or vulnerable persons. 

Are you planning to coach Juniors or Vulnerable Adults?
Yes:    Fill out a Garda Vetting Evite AND/ OR Access NI application  depending on where you are coaching. See both forms here.
No:   Fill out a 
 Form 8b Vetting Exemption Form

3. Coaches/Leaders Safeguarding Education (refresh every 3 years)

All Coaches/Leaders must complete a Safeguard 1 Child Protection in Sport Awareness Workshop.These 3 hours courses are run in the Republic by the Local Sports Partnerships and the North by Sport NI.   

There are now online refresher workshops available which should be completed 3 years after completing the contact course.
Click here to access free refresher course.


Download the Safesport App for further information including a tracking device for coaches travelling with junior athletes.