Tri-Suit and Sponsorship

Glasgow Age Group Finish Line_2018

Triathlon Ireland International Age Group attire, including tri suits, training and casual wear is available for purchase directly through the Triathlon Ireland Store.

It is mandatory for all athletes competing in ITU or ETU championships to wear the official Triathlon Ireland trisuit. All other kit items are optional.

Athletes are free to allocate sponsorship spaces on their trisuit, with the exception of the following sponsor location spaces, which are allocated by Triathlon Ireland and may not under any circumstances be re-allocated.

  • Area B - Official Apparel Sponsor Logo
  • Area E - Triathlon Ireland Official Sponsors Logo
  • Area A - Triathlon Ireland Official Sponsors Logo


Available Spaces

Spaces that are available for sponsorship are C, E & F.

NOTE: Space A is not available for sponsorship as it is reserved by Triathlon Ireland for organisational sponsors. 

Area C logos must be matching on both sides. Please see the here to obtain the official ITU Uniform rules which contain details about the tri suit requirements, sponsorship rules and logo placements.

Unfortunately, Triathlon Ireland is not in a position to fund Age Group Athletes participation in ITU and ETU events. If you were interested in organising your own fundraising event to help raise money for individual, team or club participation at an ITU or ETU events, Triathlon Ireland would be happy to help out in any way we can.

Please see TI's Fundraising/Sponsorship Pack which gives some great ideas for organising fundraising events and sponsorship!