Safeguarding Policy Documents


  1. Triathlon Ireland Safeguarding Policy. 
  2. Policy Statement.
  3. Safeguarding Requirements for Coaches/Leaders. 
  4. Safeguarding Requirements for Junior Clubs. 
  5. Codes of Conduct. 
  6. Appropriate Relationships
  7. Triathlon Ireland Vetting Policy.
  8. Triathlon Ireland Anti- Bullying Policy.
  9. Positive Coaching.
  10. Dealing with Disclosures from juniors. 
  11. Physical Contact. 
  12. Triathlon Ireland Safe Recruitment Policy. 
  13. Supervision Guidelines. 
  14. Triathlon Ireland Photography and Filming Policy. 
  15. Social media & Mobile phone Policy. 
  16. Travelling and overnight trip Policy. 
  17. Observation of a Breach of the Code. 
  18. Disciplinary Procedures relating to Safeguarding. 
  19. Safeguarding Definitions. 
  20. Codes of Conduct documents. 

Codes of Conduct:

To be signed annually by coaches/leaders/volunteers.