Technical Officials

Triathlon Ireland is proud to have an extremely good safety record thanks to the robust sanctioning process which events must pass through before being listed on the events calendar.

Technical Officials play a key role in the safe running of events nationwide and in the continuous improvement of events through their reports which are used to identify areas for improvement in the following year.


The primary aim of the Technical Official is SAFETY.  Whilst officiating at any TI sanctioned event, great care must be exercised to ensure the safety of all competitors.

The role of Technical Official may be broken down further into Technical Delegate (TD) or Race Referee.

 Technical Official general roles include:

  • Observation of competitors, detection of infringements and penalties
  • Identification and remedial action where necessary in relation to any hazards that may pose a safety risk
  • Ensuring safety and fairness for all competitors through enforcement of the ITU Competition Rules



The role of a Technical Delegate is to help race organisers ensure that all the rules and guidelines, laid down by Triathlon Ireland and the ITU, are adhered to and to ensure that races are run safely.  

The Technical Delegate will usually make initial contact with the Race Organiser and will work with the Race Organiser, using the Organiser's completed Event Management and Safety Plan, to ensure that the event course is safe for all competitors.  The TD will hand over to the Race Referee following the signing of the Race Permit, as the race is due to start.



The role of a Race Referee is to ensure that the rules and guidelines set out by the ITU Rules and the Triathlon Ireland Derogation booklet are adhered to by all competitors for the duration of the event.  This is to ensure that all races are run in a safe and fair manner.

The Race Referee will usually take over from the Technical Delegate once the Race Permit has been signed.  The Referee is required to give a briefing to competitors regarding safety on the course, along with highlighting rules and penalties which they will enforce for the duration of the event.  

Following the event the Race Referee will report any penalties to the Race Organiser/timing company for inclusion on race results.




  • Free training
  • Payment for the race for which you are a Technical Official
  • Accommodation: All claims must be approved by Triathlon Ireland before booking and paying for accommodation.  You must provide the original receipt (no photocopies or credit card/bank account statements accepted)
  • Travel: up to 150 miles per return journey (mileage above this must be approved by Triathlon Ireland before going ahead with travel) 
  • Telephone: up to €10 without receipt (above this amount, you must provide a receipt/proof of charges)



Kid's event/Duathlon/Aquathlon€30
Sprint Triathlon€50
Standard Triathlon€50
Middle Distance Triathlon€75
Long distance triathlon€100
The initial subsidy fee will be based on the longest distance officiated, for any additional event on the same day - an extra €10 fee is paid. 
Lough Cutra: 
Middle Distance  €75
Standard +€10
Sprint +€10
Total Daily Subsidy - €95
For any events where there is more than three races - a subsidy fee of €100 will be paid for that day.



An expense claim form will be emailed to you by Triathlon Ireland.  You will need to complete the Expense Claim form and return to the Triathlon Ireland office, no later than 12 weeks from the date of the event at which you officiated. Once we have received your form, we will process it and deposit your claimable amount into your nominated bank account. Please ensure you complete your bank account details on the form otherwise we will not be able to make the payment into your bank account.

Claim forms can be downloaded here.



Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact