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The Super Series is Ireland's only draft-legal triathlon competition and features some of the best athletes in the country racing in an exciting and fast moving format.

The 2018 series is open to Cat 1 and Cat 2 athletes.

2018 Super Series


Lough Cutra Castle TriathlonDraft Legal Standard
14/07/2018Two Provinces TriathlonDraft Legal Sprint
25/08/2018Mourne Sprint TriathlonDraft Legal Sprint
08/09/2018Vodafone Dublin City TriathlonDraft Legal Sprint
22/09/2018Pulse Port Beach TriathlonDraft Legal Sprint

 2018 Athlete Guide for everything you need to know before racing in this year's Super Series.


Triathlon Ireland is delighted to announce Cat 2 - a new category of triathlete eligible to score points in the Triathlon Ireland National Series while competing alongside Cat 1 athletes in the Super Series.


This exciting initiative is the result of extensive consultations with existing Cat 1 athletes, National Series athletes, clubs and race organisers. Cat 2 is part of Triathlon Ireland's commitment to increasing standards and competition in both the National Series and the Super Series. 


From this summer, Cat 2 athletes will be eligible to compete and score points in the National Series, just like any regular National Series athlete.

But in addition, they will also be allowed race in the Super Series - alongside Cat 1 athletes. Inside each individual race, their finishing position will not be treated any differently - so for instance an up and coming Cat 2 athlete will be able to win a Super Series race outright (and take the winner's prize money) if they cross the line first.

Cat 2 athletes however will compete for a separate series prize - the Cat 2 Super Series. This Series will only count the results of Cat 2 athletes and will have a separate prize fund set aside by Triathlon Ireland for the top three male and female Cat 2 athletes at the end of the series.

Like Cat 1 athletes, Cat 2 racers will be scored from their best three from the five Super Series races in 2018 - with extra points awarded for Sprint Distance National Championships.


Note: The National Series and Super Series are two different leagues and points earned in one do not carry over to the other. Cat 2 is designed instead to allow National Series athletes race with athletes of a similar standard in the Super Series whilst retaining the ability to score points in National Series races. 

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ITU for points scoring +5%

ITU for points scoring +8%

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