Events FAQs

How do I find an event?

Visit our race calendar. You can apply filters to search for the type of event you wish to take part in. If you can’t find the event you are looking for, it is likely that the event is not sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland. Only events permitted by us are listed on this website.

How do I enter an event?

Select the event from our calendar and hit the enter now button. 


Not all race registrations are taken through Triathlon Ireland, any race that uses an outside resource will not appear under your Triathlon Ireland Membership account. 

I’m new to triathlon, where should I start?

Visit our page called New to Triathlon which will give you all the hints, tips and information to get started.


All helmets must be cycling helmets and must comply with the required markings;




The above are some of the most common markings found on a helmet, the EN1078 is the most popular in Ireland

Do I have to be a triathlon IRELAND member to take part in the NATIONAL Series RANKINGS?

Yes, you do need to hold a full race license membership. Associated memberships are not valid for the series rankings.

How do I know an event is safe?

All events listed on our website have committed to carrying out safety assessments of their events, which they are required to submit to us along. If the event is not listed, proceed with caution.

How do I go about organising a Triathlon, Duathlon or Aquathlon?

Visit the Event Organisation page for details.

How do I know if an event is suitable for disability triathletes?

Events suitable for paratriathletes are advised to state that they are fully inclusive on their event information. We suggest you contact the event organiser to make sure that their event is suitable. The number of fully inclusive events is growing quickly in Ireland.

Where can I find information about age group team qualifying events?

All information relating to the Age Group teams can be found by visiting the Age Group Selection section of thewebsite.  Dates and venues of qualifying events can be found within this section as well as further information about the Qualifying process and requirements.

Where can I find results from a race I competed in?

If you use our events search function then you will be able to see the results of all of the events listed under race results and series rankings.

I am unable to attend a race I entered, Can I get a refund of my one day Membership fee or race licence?

Triathlon Ireland Membership fees once paid and processed, are not refundable other than in exceptional circumstances. Applications for refund must be made in writing to, setting out the exceptional circumstances claimed. All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and the decision on each case will be final. General injury from triathlon training and racing is not considered exceptional circumstances. Refund of full race licence fees will incur an administrative fee of €5, which will be deducted before membership fees are refunded.

Exceptional circumstances include race cancellation.

I have a complaint or concern about an event I took part in. What should I do?

If you have taken part in an event which you have concerns about in relation to an aspect of its organisation or the conduct of the organisers, you can contact us directly for support and advice. If the event is sanctioned by Triathlon Ireland then we are able to work with the organiser to resolve the matter. All reports, complaints and concerns reported to us are treated in a confidential manner.


In order to receive National Series points you must hold a racing license for Triathlon Ireland at the time of competing in the event. Triathlon Ireland Members will be able to compete for the title of National Champion.


Poorly fitting wetsuits can be another common source of stress and anxiety, particularly for swimmers who are new to open water swimming. If wetsuits are too tight they can restrict movement and breathing to a point where the swimmer may unzip the suit for relief causing it to flood with water. If they are not tight enough they will also flood with water. In both these cases drag is increased making swimming far more difficult as well as compromising the insulating properties of the wetsuit. Also, it is not uncommon for inexperienced open water swimmers to put their wetsuit on back to front creating similar problems.

Basic wetsuit checks prior to swimmers entering the water can help identify potential problems before issues arise. The main things to check are:

That the wetsuit fits snugly – particularly around the neck where a good seal helps prevent excess water entering the suit

There is a comfortable fit from crotch to shoulder so that arm reach and flexibility are not restricted

(For full body suits) Correct length in arm and legs without excess material being gathered up that will increase drag It is also worth highlighting to inexperienced open water swimmers that a well-fitting wetsuit may feel tight and restrictive when dry but they will feel more comfortable once wet and that they should not unzip/try to remove their wetsuit in the water.


Yes, you do not require an ODM. Please email a copy of your licence details to and we will be able to allcoate this to your account. You can enter events once this process has been completed.