Sanctioning Information

Should you wish to sanction your event with Triathlon Ireland please follow the steps below:


1) Make a race request.  

Before applying to hold your 2018 race with Triathlon Ireland you will need to hold a valid 2018 Triathlon Ireland membership.

Once you hold valid membership for the 2018 season you will then be required to log into your member area and submit your online race request by clicking “Make A Race Request” on the right-hand menu of your screen.  

Please note, you will need to make a race request for each distance you wish to hold.  Eg Middle, Standard, Sprint, Try-A-Tri, Children's Triathlon.  

This should be done at least 6 months prior to your event for triathlons and 4 months prior to your event for aquathlons/duathlons/kid's events.

2) Payment of Race Sanctioning Fees & Submission of your Event Management and Safety Plan.

Upon receipt of your race request a member of our Events Department will contact you to confirm that Triathlon Ireland has received your event application and issue you with the event management and safety template.  

Triathlon Ireland will allocate you a Technical Official to your event and introduce both parties.

Please forward a copy of your completed Event Management and Safety Plan to your allocated Technical Official for review.  Once your plan has been reviewed you will then receive feedback if any issues are identified. 

Sanctioning Fees - An invoice will be issued to the individual who lodged the race request along with a treasurer. Please see link here to sanctioning fees related to all events.

Public Liability Insurance is included in the sanctioning process, please see here for further insurance details.


3) Race Officials (Technical Officials & Motorcycle Officials)

As a condition for ALL races to be sanctioned, it is a requirement that you put forward two individuals for every race you run, to officiate at another race.  For example, if you are running one race, you will need to put forward two people, if you are running two races, you will need to put forward four people, if you are running three races, you will need to put forward six people.  There is a cap at six, no matter how many races you run.  As always, we would be grateful if you can provide more potential officials where possible.

Officials will be assigned to all events starting in December 2016.  Once your Officials have been confirmed you will be notified and you should make contact with them.  

The Officials will be present on the day of your event to ensure that your event course is safe and that competitors follow ITU rules while competing.  A report will be completed by the Technical Officials following your event. A copy of this will be forwarded to you upon submission.


 4) Competitors

All competitors of Triathlon Ireland sanctioned events must hold a valid 2017 Triathlon Ireland racing license or a One Day Membership in order to compete, as this is their insurance on the day.


 5) Race Documentation & Post Race Fees

 Prior to your event you will be forwarded the following:

  • Race permit
  • Sanctioning notice
  • Competitor sign on sheets - if relevant
  • Marshal sign on sheets - if relevant
  • Race results template (Excel format ONLY)

 It is important that all of the above documentation is returned to the Triathlon Ireland office as quickly as possible, in the required format, following your event.  These documents are required for Insurance purposes.

Extra Competitor Fees

Triathlon Ireland charge extra competitor fees for any competitors after the first 150.  You will receive an invoice for any post-race fees owed to Triathlon Ireland following submission of all race documentation and results.  Please see here. for further information on Extra Competitor Fee rates.

Indemnity Insurance Form

Public Liability Insurance is included in the sanctioning process, please see here for further insurance details. Request an Event Indemnity Form Here